We’re here to cut all the BS and un-complicate digital for you. In reality, carving out a successful digital marketing strategy for your brand or making a career in di isn't hard, although many of you are forced to believe so. There’s actually just one thing you need to care about.


"Make More Money"


Either it’s for yourself or your clients “Make More Money” and you’ll always be moving in the right direction.


With 4 decades of ROI driven digital experience we’re here to get you Sorted to become a smart digital expert

none of us is as smart as all of us


Pawan Sarda

With 20 years of success (don't go by years he's the youngest in our team) in brand management and digital transformation across retail and housing companies, Pawan has consistently created ROI-focused integrated marketing approach. He’s led Social commerce in India with likes of Facebook, Google, YouTube and Instagram. Pioneered many 1st-time initiatives like Facebook's - first ever sale of homes with TATA Housing, Big Bazaar's 24Hours live with Facebook , Cook along- India's first Live cookery show with YT & more. He believes that the world of Digital is extremely simple, but it’s not simplified for students & marketers. He wants to make this world so simple that anyone can use it for their benefit


Aarti Samant

Digital Planner at heart and a content strategy expert, Aarti has over 10 years of deep digital experience ranging from social media, digital strategy & e-commerce marketing. She believes in having a holistic view from a customer & business lens to create meaningful marketing impacting ROI. Her experience both as a planner & a marketer has enabled her to create some of the most memorable marketing movements like India’s first global viral “Idea Hunny Bunny”, Facebook’s first online social-commerce for homes – Tata Housing, Record breaking 24 hour LIVE on Facebook for Big Bazaar, IPL – watch & Play and more. Her motivation is her work (and tons of play :p) and she wants to share this know-how to add meaningful value for others with Sorted.

Apurv Singh

Apurv has more than 7+ year of experience in Digital marketing. With core expertise in Performance marketing and digital analytics he has consistently driven 100’s of ROI generating campaigns helping them make more money ;). He has excelled at this roles with Times Internet, Cox and Kings group & Future group (He’s our go-to numbers guy). He is of the opinion that marketing in digital ecosystem is a mix of both art and science. While art helps to communicate & get the message across to the audience, science helps in measuring the endeavour. He believes that the world of digital has been made complicated and it can be understood very easily if explained simply. He strongly believes that Teaching is a work of heart and hence Sorted is just the right platform for him.

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