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Beginner to Intermediate


6 Hours*

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Why Should You Take
This Masterclass?

Learn from the experts with 40+ years of cumulative digital experience

Our coaches have created case-studies that are globally recognized by Facebook and Google

Self-paced learning course with practical learning experience

A No-Faff learning experience. Practical case-studies, decoding the logic and real-time workshops

LIVE dashboard training

Certified course

Workshop Content

  • In-depth understanding of Facebook to drive business
  • End-to-end Facebook ads manager tutorial
  • Step-by-step process of setting up a Facebook ad
  • Hacks to maximize ROI from Facebook advertising
  • How to set up a campaign from as low as Rs.500
  • Instagram Business growth small, medium, and large scale businesses
  • Facebook/Instagram analytics
  • Organic and Paid Hacks On Instagram To Grow Your Business
  • How does Instagram Algorithm work?
  • How to increase followers? – Hacks that Instagram won’t tell you
  • – Hashtags- IG TV
  • -Moment Marketing
  • How to increase followers? – Hacks that Instagram won’t tell you
  • Relevance of:
    – Hashtags
  • – IG TV
  • -Moment Marketing
  • How to use Instagram Stories for your brand? – Story with a purpose-Range Showcase-Interactive polls/Quiz
  • -Swipe-up
  • -Leads & Traffic
  • -BTS (Behind the Scenes)
  • How to create reels on Instagram
    Key Metrics that matter
  • Instagram Paid:
  • Why Spend on Instagram?
  • Creating campaigns from Ads manager
  • Choose the right Ad format
  • How to find your customer on Facebook?
  • Prospecting New Users
  • Creating & targeting Look A Likes
  • How to choose right audience cohorts
  • Remarketing for better conversion
  • Instagram ad hacks
  • How to measure ROI
  • Learn to grow your business from SEO
  • Applied SEO best practices
  • SEO hacks from expert that has applied them and scaled businesses
  • Do SEO on your own for your website or as a freelancer
  • How to Dominate Google Search
  • Learn to access business opportunities on Google
  • Smart SEO strategies used only by very savvy marketers
  • Gain insight into how all search engines work
  • Learn SEO secrets and advanced strategies that no one talks about
  • Go from a beginner to advanced SEO
  • Save thousands of rupees on hiring SEO consultants or agencies
  • Step-by-step process of setting up your first ad
  • Create and run Search Engine marketing campaigns on Google AdWords
  • Optimize campaigns to get the best possible results
  • Hacks for small, medium & large scale businesses to maximize ROI
  • Apply tricks and techniques for great ROI, and run campaigns for online sales, lead generation, or brand building.
E-commerce marketing & Google analytics
  • How to plan an e-commerce content calendar.
  • E-commerce communication that converts.
  • Why Google Analytics is a must for every business?
  • How to read all the GA reports to take business decisions?
  • Metrics that matter for new user acquisition
  • Metrics that matter to understand returning users behavior
  • Understand what your audience browses outside your website
  • Learn to take calls on CLTV and efficient marketing channels
  • Walkthrough of all the reporting sections of GA – Real-time, Audience, Behaviour, Acquisition, Conversion.
  • Learn the custom reports you can create
  • Understand user journey and drop-offs for efficient retargeting campaigns
  • Attribution modeling

Tools & Platforms You’ll Master

Offer Ends This Sunday!


6 in stock


Pawan Sarda

Pawan Sarda

CMO – Future Group

Apurv Singh

Apurv Singh

E-commerce Marketing – Future Group Ex – Times Internet

Aarti Samant

Aarti Samant

Digital Lead – Future Group, Ex – Hotstar


Industry Recognized Certification from SORTED

By the end of this course, you will be able an expert in Performance Marketing apply the fundamentals for your brand and business. You will also receive a certificate of completion from SORTED, and be recognized by top digital marketing agencies and brands.

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