How to master Facebook, Instagram and Google Marketing To Grow Your Business?

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Facebook today has almost 444M users in India. Almost 2x of YouTube and 5x of Instagram. Your target audience is right there scrolling facebook feed everyday. Learn how to reach out to them with Facebook advertising best practices and hacks. Learn from teachers who have sold needle to houses on Facebook. The course and hacks can be applied for small, medium and large scale business. 3 secs – Is all you get on digital to break the ice with users. In this world of Aimlessly scrolling behaviour, how do you create compelling content that enables action and engagement? Content is not just high on impact but also easy to create right from your phone. Learn all the hacks from industry experts who’ve built some of India’s biggest brands with an optimized content strategy. We will also teach you how to plan and strategise your content calendar that meets your business objective and help drive sales


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Beginner to Intermediate


134 Minutes

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Why Should You Take
This Masterclass?

Learn from the expert who has scaled multiple brands from Facebook & Google

The coach have created case-studies that are globally recognized by Facebook & Google.

Self-paced learning course with practical learning experience.

A No-Faf learning experience. Practical case-studies, decoding the logic and real-time workshops

Dashboard training of Facebook ads manager.

Option to book experts time for One-on-one LIVE interaction.

Certified course

Workshop Content

  • Why Facebook Marketing?
  • How Facebook’s Algorithm works for brands & businesses?
  • How to Maximize reach from 6% to 60% – Hacks that Facebook won’t tell you
  • How to create winning Key Visual for your Facebook Campaign
  • Best practice to create Videos to maximize your reach
  • How to calculate results?  Metrics That Matter
  • How to use Facebook’s Paid Reach and get best ROI for your business
  • Why should you invest in Facebook ads
  • Let’s set up your Facebook ad account
  • What you need to get started?
  • How to set up ad account
  • Structure of ad account
  • What’s your end objective?
  • Define objective
  • Breaking down – campaigns, ad set, ads
  • How to find your customer on facebook?
  • Type of audience cuts
  • Ad Formats (different ways to reach out to customers)
  • Remarketing website visitors
  • How to Optimize your ads
  • Ad delivery & optimization
  • UTM parameters
  • Setting up a clean ad
  • How to measure ROI?
  • Ad analytics
  • Facebook hacks
  • What is Thumb-Stopping Content?
  • Why ”Thumb-Stopping” Content
  • Hacks to create “Thumb-Stopping Content” right from your mobile phone
  • How to plan your content strategy?
  • Content Strategy Calendar

Tools & Platforms You’ll Master


Offer Ends This Sunday



Pawan Sarda

Pawan Sarda

CMO – Future Group, Ex – Tata

Apurv Singh

Apurv Singh

E-commerce Marketing – Future Group Ex – Times Internet

Aarti Samant

Aarti Samant

Digital Lead – Future Group, Ex – Hotstar


Industry Recognized Certification from SORTED

By the end of this course, you will be able an expert in Performance Marketing apply the fundamentals for your brand and business. You will also receive a certificate of completion from SORTED, and be recognized by top digital marketing agencies and brands.